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Leading Baby Product Retailers are dedicated to offering exemplary customer service with the goal of educating each consumer on the right products for their needs.  Baby Product Manufacturers benefit from a knowledgeable store level associate, who can personally educate the consumer on their product's unique and valuable features.

Our mission at Execbaby is to ensure "a gold standard of support" for both the manufacturer and retailer; offering a premium offering of In-Store Support Services.

Our In-Store Product Specialists are poised to train store associates on your products.  Partnership focused and dedicated only to the Baby Industry, our programs allow you as the manufacturer to fully customize In-Store support; from in-depth training of store associates, to aiding in product, packaging or promotional impacts.

Offering full reporting packages which include key insights as well as per store detail, we help identify local and nationwide trends to fully optimize store level support and product opportunities.  With monthly In-Store presence, we are always available to support your needs.

Licensed and insured, we are committed to executing all visits with 100% adherence to Retailer Vendor Guidelines.

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v: 610-847-1223  f: 610-847-8624

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